Daily Muse

Hi everyone,
Well, I guess you’re getting used to my regular Friday messages. Well, I won’t be using this method after this week. Instead, I now have a blog – daily The Daily Muse Blog- You can find the link on the front page or here

This will now be the method that I will communicate with to you, daily I hope, the happenings, changes and challenges on Panim. Please take the time to read it because it contains latest information about Panim. You can also leave a comment, or leave a request about anything.

This week has seen another 6 members join Panim.
David, Eddie, Tina, Ronit and Jeaane. and Mark
Please make them feel welcome. I know many of you already have. It’s great to see the membership growing. Please remember to pass our name to your friends, here and overseas. Just remember to highlight that we are not a singles dating service. Sometimes people ignore the rules.I have had to delete some posts because they were not in the spirit of Panim. Leaving your email address and phone numbers on other peoples pages is tacky.
Enough said, except if any member feels they are being unfairly treated by any other member, please advise me or Gary immediately.
Phew. Please all of you have great Shabbos whatever you do, and I will catch with you soon.


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