The week that was

Another great week, with many new members joining our community. A warm Panim welcome to all of you.
This week, I had the opportunity to meet some of our Panamists at the trivia night on Wednesday. (Good on you, Max, for organising it.) It was fantastic to meet face-to-face people I chatted and corresponded with for several weeks. The interesting part was that it was like meeting old friends.

The most active areas on Panim this week were discussions and blogs.

Members have let themselves go and published many pieces from recipes for shepherd’s pie to discussions about what they fear most, poetry and absorbing stories about our members’ family experiences in World Ward II.
All in all, it made for many comments and involvement by members. This is what myPanim is about. I especially would recommend you read the post by Louisa

This is a touching story; and responses by Mara and again by Louisa are moving.
The comments give us an insight into these two wonderful people that we might not have had, had Louisa not started her blog. What inspires me is the openness of two strangers. Up to now each had no idea their lives had been running in parallel.
Two Jews have now made a connection. that did not exist before. Another link, another two pieces in the Jewish mosaic have been put together, This is what myPanim strives to do and promote.

The lives of ordinary people whom we are yet to meet are waiting to be discovered on myPanim.
Please take the time to speak to or leave a comment on someone’s page. Read their posts, explore and share each other’s dreams, hopes and desires. Together we can make a difference and make this a unique life experience.
Enjoy the time with your families and friends. Don’t forget to say “I love you” to someone special.

Shabbat shalom


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