Making a Difference

Welcome to our new friends on Panim — Ron, Dovid, Raanan, YK and Linda. It is a pleasure to meet new members, guide them through and have them enjoy the features of Panim.

As the days go by, I am constantly amazed at the effect Mypanim has on its members. Perfect strangers a week ago, many have already created strong bonds. Some have realised they lived five minutes from each other.  It’s a testament to the members who engage others in the chat room, through the discussion columns or by leaving comments relating to their own experiences.

I am excited to see so many of you adding topics from health to local community news. Many are uploading their favourite music and exchanging it with other members.

One of the most pleasing additions has been the contributions by Rabbi Meir Rabi.

Reb Meir joined the network after I pushed and prodded him into saying yes. He wasn’t quite sure what he was doing there, worried that he might not get much response from the members to a black hat rav.

But his discussions from kashrut to his weekly parsha commentary have become the one of the most popular area to date. The mountain of questions being thrown up and his responses has enriched the site and the knowledge of Panim’s members. I encourage all to read his posts. I don’t think he will mind me saying that not many questions, if any, will faze him.

I have known Reb Meir for many years and can honestly say that he lives in today’s world, and you will get pragmatic, honest answers from him.

I know there many members who are just happy to visit, read and leave. I ask that every now and then that you leave a note to say that you visited us. You can visit my page and leave a note.

I have spent many late nights and early mornings this week putting together some help pages and guides. They will be available soon. Take advantage of them. There is so much you can do here you, that it’s easy to lose your way.

Mara, our intrepid movie reviewer, had attended the Israeli Film festival in Melbourne. She has published a review. Well worth reading if you want to compare notes.

We would love to see more people joining from Sydney and other cities; Panim is not just for Melbourne.

For those members who are living in the US or elsewhere, please spread the word, Panim is for Jews everywhere. I would be more than happy to provide admin rights for Panim to an overseas member, given that we have different time zones, and grow your own community connections by using Panim as your base.

You will see at the bottom of this blog a list of links to popular areas on Panim. Take some time and surf through them.

May you all have a great time with your families, loved ones and anyone who is special in your life.
Don’t forget to tell them you love them.

Shabbat Shalom



2 thoughts on “Making a Difference

  1. Yesh hako’ach Eli,

    Exellent work.

    I fully concur on what you say.
    Reb Meir is a top notch guy, rabbi and friend, and is not afraid to state his opinion when it deviates from the norm or accepted way of thinking. He stimulates you to think and arrive at a position for yourself, which is also what Yiddishkeit tries to achieve, not just following dogma and doctrine blindly.

    He relates to all types and all types gravitate to him for his likeable and personable nature.

    May he and his family, and all within the Mypanim community together with klal Yisroel merit and enjoy a very Sweet New Year both physically and spiritually.

  2. Eli, thank you for your kind words and to Dovid for the applause. I try to serve Gd and that makes me happy and I believe that makes Him happy. That’s a pretty simple formula but as the prophet says, Gd made people ‘Yashar’ meaning straight, uncomplicated and forward moving, BUT people seek ways of making life torturous and devious. Just look at our chief commissioner of police, or the chief justice.

    ELi may I suggest that the font colour of your blog comment be altered because as it is I think many will find it hard to read. I suppose one can always select the text which helps.


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