Flat Road

From Gary at Blairgowrie

The chaps from Mornington Council graded my road in Blairgowrie a couple of days ago, removing the ruddy great potholes that had built up over our wetish winter.

The road is schmick now, flat and smooth and easy to drive on – no oohs, ahs and oofs as the springs in my car bottom out and my bottom hits the floorpan. I can go faster, and the dogs, which have no seatbelts, have fewer bumps on their head.

This probably isn’t the most momentous news of the week in the world, but in Blairgowrie, a quaint little village near Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula, I can’t think of anything that topped it. Life is slow in this slow lane, and as it should be.

What about the meltdown in the share markets and the world financial system, I hear you bellow? What about it? Does all this silliness affect you or me? I guess so, but I am on holidays and I intend to enjoy the rest of them before the end of the world is nigh.

I see one respected business commentator in The Age said that fear and not logic was driving the market. He forgot to mention one rather more important factor – greed – and so did many of the other commentators.

Greed drives the market and the fear factor he mentions is the fear of not being rich, very rich or filthy rich. There is no logic when people want more money. Remember that the love of money is the root of all evil and there are no pockets in a kittel.

As the Jewish sages ask, who is rich? He who is happy with what he has.

New members

Since the start of the month (and spring) 21 people have become new Panimists – 12 women and nine men. Each new member brings a broader aspect to Panim, and enriches our outlook on the world.

For example, we now have a landscape gardener, a photographer, a realtor, a hospitality worker, a security man; and people from Western Australia and New South Wales on our books. Panim’s reach has even stretched to Britain.

Our late-night, early morning chats have proved to be lively and robust and cover many topics. And there are many more that can be posted under Forum or in your personal blog. Don’t be shy. For example, what is your opinion about the squeeze in the world financial markets?

What is your take on Tzipi Livni winning leadership of the ruling Kadima party in Israel? And what about Sarah Palin in the United States? Does this mean women will rule the world? Let’s hope so.

I believe that if women played a more significant role in the political world we would have fewer wars and deadly conflicts. Simplistically, the girls would get to the heart of the issues and thrash them out verbally. After a couple of hours of debate, we might have resolution.

Not the blokes, all they want to do is fight. Men killed Benazir Bhutto, for example. And violence never solved anything, anywhere, anytime.

Don’t forget to come to the Mix ‘n’ Mingle with Panim function tomorrow night. You will be able to meet in person the faces of Panim, for the three Cs: coffee, cake and chat.

Be well, good Shabbos.


One thought on “Flat Road

  1. Mornin’ everyone!

    greed and violence are indeed invidious traits that do drive and determine world events (actually even small events within our own lives too). But without the inherent drives that each of us possess there would not be progress and advancement in any area of man’s endeavour – Good or bad.

    There is an apocryphal story in the Talmud that one of the sages, seeing the ‘destructive’ effects of the sex drive pleaded with the Almighty to eradicate it, relying on our intellect to generate the desire to procreate.

    The following day there was mayhem, as throughout nature the inclination to mate had ceased and so chickens no longer brought forth eggs, etc. Upon seeing the effects the sage once again beseeched the Almighty to rescind the decree so that everything should return to normal.

    What do we see from all this? There are drives and impulses that mankind possesses, when they are channelled correctly they provide the impetus to achieve good, if not, they can wreak havoc, God forbid!

    It is up to us to control ourselves and that is what being human is all about, not giving in to our baser desires, but at all times being on top of our game!

    May each and everyone of you be Blessed with a Good and Sweet New Year and Health, Happiness and Success in all your endeavours.

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