Distant Trumpets

Once again a big thank you to Gary who is on holidays


The shofar is traditionally heard by Ashkenazi Jews daily after shacharis during Elul, the month leading up to Rosh Hashanah on 1 Tishrei. Explanations of why the Ashkenazi hear the shofar in Elul are at http://www.jewishmag.com/71mag/elul/elul.htm or http://www.torah.org/learning/yomtov/elulrosh/vol1no35.html

It is not so easy to hear the shofar on the Mornington Peninsula, the sound of the Blairgowrie ocean beach and the 100-odd kilometres to the nearest kehilla can be impediments. And another thing, most women, who rarely attend shacharis, will not hear the shofar unless they go to shul on Rosh Hashannah.

But in the outposts we can still be in touch through Panim. As you open the main page on Panim you will see a short video of a man emptying his lungs into a shofar. Listen to it a couple of times, then read the explanations and then listen to it again.

Be honest, did it make a difference? Is it just some chap blowing a ram’s horn (complete with traffic nose in the background) or did it stir something in the pit of your stomach as it did in mine? Listen again after reading the explanations, and let us know if something changed for you.

Until a few short years ago, I had never heard the shofar live, and this year I will probably not hear it live. But I can get my fix through Panim, and that makes a difference. Thanks, Eli.

And the week. Well what a week. The newspapers were full of global meltdown gloom, how my shares had taken another hit, the markets were in a tailspin, the rich guys had a few billion knocked off their worth, the Yanks might be headed for their come-uppance, the Victorian anti-pipeline brigade took on the police and lost, Malcolm Turnbull picked his shadow ministry, the mob is still full of crooks, the grand final is on tomorrow and the spring racing carnival is upon us. Money and greed appear to rule the world. Shame, shame.

For the little guys, you and me, nothing much changes. We still eat and drink, love our kids no less, turn up for work, pray, laugh, cry, and do the little things that make life go on. And this is how it should be.

Keep smiling, it’s not the end of the Earth. The papers will let you know about that.

Good Shabbos, Shana Tova


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