The choices you make


By Esther

The choices you make

Have you ever made any major lifestyle decisions? We all face them, probably many times over the years. I had to do just that this week, and although I know I made the right decision, it was nonetheless, very painful.
When you take control of decisions you tend to take charge of your life. If you want to see a change for the better you have to take control of it.
Lifestyle choices often involve careers, health, divorce, marriages, immigrating, sea changes or buying property. Do you look back on the major decisions you made with regret? I believe its better to focus on the future and not the past. The future can be a big adventure.
Albert Einstein said: “In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.”

I always look for an opportunity to make something that is causing me difficulty into something for the better. I came across this wonderful positive outlook on our daily lives on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Panim News

This week at Panim, we saw many more new members join, especially from Canada. We welcome them as well all the other new members that joined this week.

A special welcome to my new friends at Jmix “mix and mingle” Lara and Mark. They have a Jewish website called Jmix. Its a social network for the  Jewish community. Focusing on attending events and also making new friends and business connections.

Please visit their website and support thier efforts. Having all these groups only goes to encouraging greater unity for Jews everywhere.

As always i encourage everyone to invite, talk about and promote Panim.

Sorry for the short blog this week but i left myself little too little time.Perhaps some training in time management might help

May all of you spend shabbat in whatever manner you do , with family friends and loved ones.

Shabbat Shalom



4 thoughts on “The choices you make

  1. Dear Esther,
    My favourite poem, “The Road not Taken” by the American Robert Frost, is about choice, how the choices we make in life are so important and determine who we are and want – and how we also determine our lives by the choices we make. Thank you! My admiration to you in taking charge of your life and making the difficult decisions that will make your life adventure a happier one! Mazel Tov!

  2. Thankyou Mara I really feel my adventure with life in the future is definately going to be a happier one!! Being positive and enjoying what life has to give each day is the key!

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