Israel doesn’t rhyme with poet.


By Eli Ajzenman

Nobel laureate: Suspend Israel from UN

Nov. 20, 2008
Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire says the United Nations should suspend or revoke Israel’s membership.

Photo: AP [file]

Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead McGuire, who arrived in Gaza on the “Free Gaza” boat, left, holds a gift from Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, right, at his office in Gaza City last month.

Maguire says Israel should be punished for ignoring a series of United Nations resolutions over the years. Maguire won the 1976 peace prize for her work with Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

She is visiting the Palestinian territories to protest Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. Israel virtually sealed off the territories after the Hamas took over there in 2007. The closure tightened two weeks ago in response to Hamas rocket fire on Israeli border communities.

Maguire told a news conference Thursday that it’s time for the international community to take action against Israel.

Last month, Maguire and 27 international protesters sailed into the Gaza Strip in the “Free Gaza” boat to bring attention to Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-controlled territory.


This was a small piece in the Jerusalem Post on line today. I wonder if she makes the same requests of many other nations currently engaged in actual human rights violations. I wonder if she requests the British Government to hand back Northern Ireland, or for Russia to withdraw from Georgia

The list is endless and I could go on, but we as Jews know all this. Israel has had more sanctions in the UN since its inception than any country in the world, not bad for a piece of dirt hardly bigger than metropolitan and country Victoria.

Somehow Israel is a special case. Israel must live by other rules , not the same as the rest of the world.

How do we as Jews living in the Diaspora, deal  with constant attack on the one place we can and hopefully one call home. Does it bother us? What do we, as individuals do to detail and inform those around us. To tell those that might read such an article, coupled with this persons claim to fame, as a license to judge, as to the gross inequalities of the constant and unending criticism? Do we actually care?

Can it be that we are so engrossed, so comfortable with our lives, that we dismiss such demands as merely another Israel/Jew basher? One that will merely disappear and we can go on with our daily duties, hanging out at coffee shops, discussing such issues as if they did not relate to us.

Have we picked up a pen or logged on to a web site and made our disgust quite clear and loud.

I suspect most of have not. Time perhaps we did something. With the world falling into depression and long term crisis, that perhaps the spectre of a pre-war Germany albeit in global terms, may see more real, than some insignificant Poet laureate simply flexing her 15 minutes of glory.

Thank you to all the contributors to Panim this week. You have all made is a most interesting week’s worth of reading and discussion.

May you all have a peaceful and restful Shabbat. Enjoy it in whatever manner you choose with your families, friends and all those you love.


2 thoughts on “Israel doesn’t rhyme with poet.

  1. This woman should have her name removed from the list of Nobel Peace prize laureates. Her actions (rubbing shoulders with terrorists for a start) are not in any way conducive to peace. They show her to be a person biased in favour of terrorism. I say that Israel was stupid not to ban her entry into the State. Arrest her now and send her back to where she comes from.

  2. When even Jews are knocking Israel for it’s policies of self-defense, what hope have we got?
    So many people remain ignorant of the actual facts, and get caught up with emotive one-sided Palestinian victim stories.

    The British and Palestinian marketing propoganda is so effective, that even when real news footage depicting bomb attacks, etc. on Israel are documented in the media, it is largely ignored.

    Anti-Semitism along with the quest for oil and access to shipping ports for transport of that oil is alive and well.

    How do you stir up populations to go to war and sacrifice their lives for money? You don’t, therefore use highly emotional stories about poor, oppressed people being shoved out of their homes, and lets face it, everyone’s a sucker for a good sob story.

    As long as this rhetoric continues,the market for arms and connected industries remains healthy and keeps a few people very rich.

    Jews are expendable—-right?

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