Roseanne Blames Israel for Fall in Oil Price


By Eli Ajzenman

OK so the title is not quite right but then the world is a crazy place at times, no more so than now with so many contradictions as to what used to be the normal world.

As conflict rages in Israel and Gaza the price of oil falls to $43.00 per barrel. What?
I had to read it again, yes that right, oil price falls amidst the background of middle east conflict.

Now lets look at some snippets of headlines from the Jerusalem Post.

Normally by now Israel is being condemned by every Arab and Muslim nation under the sun

But wait on look at this

Hamas must halt attacks for truce’

Egyptian FM slams Hamas: You have given Israel the excuse it has been looking for in order to launch op.

Roseanne Barr: Israel is a ‘Nazi state’

Jewish actress says destruction of the Jews in Israel “assured with this inhuman attack on Gaza.”

So here we have a Palestinian blaming Hamas, and a well known Jewish actress not only castigating Israel but calling it a Nazi State.

Well thankfully in the later of my 2 examples I give little credence to either of them. With respect to the Egyptian FM, well we know that tomorrow he will be calling for Israel’s destruction , so no surprise there.

But Roseanne Barr, I mean c’mon , its not even ratings season in the states, and why does some like Ms. Barr even rate a mention.

Barr’s comments were revealed by Newsbusters Website, a watchdog group of the media research centre.

She goes on further  in her post, Barr likened Hamas to “street gangs” in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts, saying that Israel’s military campaign is the “equivalent to Los Angeles attacking and launching war on the people of Watts to kill ‘the Bloods’ and ‘the Crips.'”

Funny last I heard LA street gangs weren’t lobbing missiles into the nearby neighborhood.

Well so much for Rosanne. Guess she was disappointed when her boat was turned back by the Israeli navy.

However she is not alone and the left in Israel continues to condemn and protest against the Gaza operation, and calls for cessation of violence. I can guarantee you none of them live in Sderot and as yet thank G-d Hamas has not had the ability to reach Tel-Aviv.

If they could I am sure the lunatic left would still be screaming from their bomb shelters, blaming Israel’s aggression for their plight,but quietly hoping for success.

And finally a word from Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh who said

“First, the Zionist aggression must end without any conditions… Second the siege must be lifted and all the crossings must be opened because the siege is the source of all of Gaza’s problems,” he said in a televised speech to Palestinians.

However in spite of his rhetoric On Friday, Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, allowed 90 trucks of international humanitarian aid into the Gaza strip, despite military preparations for a full scale military campaign against Gaza resistance groups.

Which other country in the world would be sending in any aid to an enemy state it is currently at war with.

Yes the world has become a little silly lately.

May we all pray that our soldiers, families and friends in Israel be safe and out of harms way.

This Shabbat please spend a moment and think how lucky we are,kiss our loved ones and spend it in peace and quiet wherever we find ourselves

Shabbat Shalom


2 thoughts on “Roseanne Blames Israel for Fall in Oil Price

  1. Hamas is a danger for all the arabs countries ! read what the egiption leader sayeid. they are afraid from the islamic brothers, which is familier with the el-kaida.

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