Cease fire , cease to exist.

Probably the most important issue is that Hamas is not bound by this cease fire resolution. Hamas operates as terrorist organization outside of the control of the P.A.



By Eli Ajzenman

Peace is not the absence of war; it is a virtue; a state of mind; a disposition for benevolence; confidence; and justice,.


I am writing this just as that venerable institution known as the UN, has brought down yet another Security Council resolution that only re-enforces the idea that Israel is treated like no other member state.

The U.N that has had more resolutions before it, with Israel firmly in its sites, than any other member nation.

So the latest Security Council cease fire proposal, passed with a vote of 14-1 is no different in its unbalanced requests than all the others ever brought before it.

Probably the most important issue is that Hamas is not bound by this cease fire resolution. Hamas operates as terrorist organization outside of the control of the P.A.

So what pressure if any can be brought to bear on its leaders to comply?

Here is a synopsis of the resolution

The agreement “stresses the urgency of and calls for an immediate, durable and fully respected cease-fire, leading to the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza.” It “condemns all violence and hostilities directed against civilians and all acts of terrorism.”

It also calls on UN member states “to intensify efforts to provide arrangements and guarantees in Gaza in order to sustain a durable cease-fire and calm, including to prevent illicit trafficking in arms and ammunition and to ensure the sustained re-opening” of border crossings.

The agreement also calls for the “unimpeded provision and distribution” of humanitarian aid throughout Gaza, welcomes the opening of “humanitarian corridors,” encourages “tangible steps” to Palestinian reconciliation and renewed efforts to achieve Palestinian-Israeli peace “where two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, live side by side in peace…”

As you can see not much on offer for Israel. Hamas gets humanitarian aid, Israeli withdrawal, oh and a democratic state. Israel gets let’s see, more of the same, promises, encouragement and guarantees, arrangements and renewed efforts.  So if Hamas decides that it doesn’t want a Democratic state, tells member states it’s not interested in them “helping” well then we are back to where we were 2 weeks ago.

I hope that this time around Israel ignores the pressure and is prepared for the eventual media witch burning, as the world see’s more Palestinians die. Dying for a cause that sees only Israel’s eventual destruction as its prime directive.

Golda Meir once said when asked when there would be peace, and she answered that “when they (the Palestinians) love their children more than they hate us”. That not one Palestinian group or individual has ever stood up and said this is wrong , we cannot live like this , we must make peace , that there exists not one “Peace Group”, no “Peace Now “ amongst all the millions of Palestinians’ speaks volumes.

Some might argue that under such a terror regime, who would dare. Yet throughout history individuals truly believing that their leaders are misguided, wrong, no matter what the consequence of such disobedience was possibly death, have been prepared to stand up and be counted. Why? So that their children might live in a better world.

But the mistake of this reasoning is that 1300 years ago Jewish culture and ultimately western culture and the Muslim world took vastly different paths. We face a people that cannot and do not want to relate to western protocols of engagement. For them a ceasefire is a chance to re-arm and regroup. To carry on the battle until death if need be.

How do you engage and negotiate such a mindset?

Israel is dammed if does and dead if it doesn’t I heard someone say. I am not sure any more of the solution or even if there is one? But until that time Israel and we as Jews in the Diaspora must realize that the fight for survival does not stop at the borders of Israel.

I wish all of us, a Shabbat Shalom.

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