Moral perversion by another UN committee


By Eli Ajzenman

The top UN rights body has approved a resolution condemning Israel’s military offensive in Gaza saying it has “resulted in massive violations of human rights of the Palestinian people.”

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, South African Navanethem Pillay, addresses the Human Rights Council special session on the ‘The Grave Violations of Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory including the recent aggression of the occupied Gaza Strip,’ Friday.

Photo: AP

On Monday, the Human Rights Council’s 47 members voted 33 in favor and 1 against the resolution that also accuses Israel of systematically destroying Palestinian infrastructure and of targeting civilians and medical facilities.

The resolution approved in Geneva Monday urges an end to the rocket attacks but mentions neither Hamas nor violations of Israeli civilians’ rights.

I present to here a video you may have seen before, but you must watch and listen to it again. Hillel Neuer of UN Watch exposes the hypocrisy of the UN Human Rights Council (March 23, 2007). For the first time ever, the Council president, Ambassador Luis Alfonso de Alba of Mexico, rejects the speech as “inadmissible” and bans it from ever being delivered again.

Listen to his words, and nothing has changed. It is surely a moral perversion of what is called human rights, and the rights of Israeli citizens ,the right that the rest of the world expect for their own citizens.

The holocaust, the anti Semitic pogroms continues. The struggle for Jews to be treated as equal citizens by the world is a mere fantasy we carry around as a hope rather than a reality. Look at the countries that make up this council. Lets forget the Islamic block, we know how and why they vote.

Look at the rest.
Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cuba, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Philippines, Russian, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay and Zambia.

Only Canada voted against the resolution.


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