Stalemate at the OK Corral


This week  saw the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu to the white house. His long awaited meeting with Obama was anticipated by many groups and many more individuals especially Jews.

Bibi and Barak

For some the fear of Israel and the US drifting apart on the the issue of Palestine and the solutions as to its status was a central focus for most and hence  as to the outcome.

What ensued was  seemingly an agreement to disagree. Obama insisting that a two state solution was still the only viable option and BIBI unwilling to commit to a scenario and process that till now had not achieved its desired ends.

However there was still plenty of rhetoric as to the intrinsic, and undeniable support of the U.S for Israel. Still friends after all these years. Hmm that’s a song I think?

Iran still loomed as the mutual enemy, but again U.S Policy at least in the short term remains steadfast in its desire to subdue Iran by political and economic means. Israel meanwhile waits with its finger on the the “go” button for a defensive strike.I wouldn’t hold my breath fearing that happening.

The world is a vastly different place to 1981 when the then Begin government ordered the strike against the almost completed nuclear reactor in the city of  Osirak Iraq.

Israels Prime Minister Menachem Begin ordered the raid
Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin ordered the raid

Then  Israel sited

The atomic bombs which that reactor was capable of producing whether from enriched uranium or from plutonium, would be of the Hiroshima size. Thus a mortal danger to the people of Israel progressively arose.

Today the reactor is already complete and Iran has the capacity and missiles although not the stockpile as yet to deliver on its promise of annihilation.

Oh and a strange but true fact. Did you know that one of the pilots involved was Ilan Ramon who trained as Israel’s first astronaut but was killed in the Columbia shuttle disaster in 2005

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu exactly seven years ago, in a strong warning against giving in to international pressure on Israel in “final status” talks with the Palestinian Authority said this

“The biggest mistake that can be made is to promise the greatest prize for Palestinian terrorism: the establishment of their own independent state. Most people now feel that a state under Arafat would be a terrorist fortress dedicated to our destruction.

This is what Bibi said in 2002 and true to his word he continues to insist that a Palestinian state is not the best interests of Israel. At least at this point in time.

So where does that leave us. I say us because the future of Israel is inexorably tied to all Jews around the world. Zionists or not.

What disturbs me is that some and thankfully they are a minority see the only solution as being the expulsion of all the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza. Annexing the territories and saying thanks for coming guys, but Egypt , Jordan these people are now your problem like it or not.

To many this seems like the only solution for Israel’s security. However I suggest that there in lays the problem, is it in the best interest of Jewish security. That solution is I propose is not a Jewish answer to the problem , but an Israeli one.

On that I will write more after Shabbat as there is much I wish to talk about.

May I wish all you a safe and happy Shabbat where ever you are. May you spend it with all those that you care and love in whatever manner you do.

Shabbat Shalom


5 thoughts on “Stalemate at the OK Corral

  1. I believe the Hamas will NEVER accept a two state solution. This is one cartoon out of a series which is shown to “Palestinian” children on television, and I assume that the message in this, is what is being spread to the rest of the world, and is believed.

    1. Not sure why you posted this reply since i made no reference to Hamas or their policy. I am sure their propaganda is well known, at least to the readers here.

      1. Hamas is the current accepted elected government there—-As far as I know, another election has not been held?

  2. People speak of the Palestinians as if they were a homogenous group. This is the most dangerous thing for both Israel and peace, because it allows a terrorist overlay to hide out amongst the Palestinians, not just physically, but also morally. The PA is made up of the same rejectionist terrorists that have plagued Israel since its inception, but where the finger could once be clearly pointed at them, today the boundaries have been blurred and they benefit from every Arab who dies, because now all are “Palestinian”. The irony is that A Saika, a terrorist group derived from ex-Syian army officers that operated on the Golan is today included.

    I doubt that the average Arab in the territories cares about a “Palestinian State”, and this concept was initially driven by Arafat and the PLO for their own purposes of destroying Israel, just as they today also drive the “Right of return” issue. That’s why it’s so strange that nobody considers the reasons why the “Palestinians” want a state, though Gaza, after the withdrawal should make that abundantly clear, as did the “stages plan” of Rabat in 1974.

    It’s much like reading Mein Kampf and wondering why nobody saw it when it was all set out in front of them. The Palestinians have made absolutely no secret that their aim is Israel’s destruction. It’s in every charter of every splinter group from the PNC (Palestine National Congress) roof body down, it’s in their speeches and actions. Yet this huge body of evidence seems to be trumped by an unrealistic hope that it’s all wrong.

  3. Morry, I don’t disagree with you about the underlying aim of the current Palestinian political groups. It is certainly difficult if not impossible to come to some agreement with them and believe that peace will ensue from any negotiation.

    What is important is that Israel maintain some dialogue with Palestinians in the hope that over time it can encourage more moderate, pragmatic ideas and groups to surface and eventually settle on a solution that will provide peace and security for all parties.

    This unfortunately I believe will not happen in my lifetime. In the meantime more lives will be lost and the ongoing friction will continue. I am not sure how many more generations of Palestinians will accept the ongoing policies of Hamas and the PLO when all they deliver is death and fear, perpetuating the notion that Israel must be wiped out in return for continued inferior standards of living, and economic malaise.

    Every policy decision that Israel makes will be two edged. There will be down sides and risks no matter which road is taken. However I am certain that expelling populations en masse is not the answer and would only lead to many more generations of disaffection and violence.

    It will take men of great strength of character and consensus on both sides to take the steps that may see the end of one process and the beginning of another.

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