He who has a why for life can put with any how


Shalom everyone,

I hope that your week has been full of success and happiness. I am sure that many also have had trials and tribulations as well and I can only wish that somehow you find the answers and solutions.

One of the greatest strengths we have is our resilience. To be able to withstand all that life throws at us and still come back the next day with the hope that “this day” will be better.

Frederick Nietzsche said “He who has a why for life can put with any how.”

Victor Frankel
Victor Frankel

Viktor Frankl In his insightful book “Mans search for meaning”  says  one of the ways he found the strength to fight to stay alive and not lose hope was to think of his wife. Frankl clearly saw that it was those who had nothing to live for who died quickest in the concentration camp.

While the fate of Shalit,the kidnapped soldier still hangs in the balance, his family and now thousands of others sit in a tireless vigilance of hope.

For Jews there is no other way for us to participate in life’s battles, without the supreme hope and belief that eventually that which should be , will be.

Quite often in the course of our lives , we harbour thoughts of disbelief. Sometimes the outcomes are not what have hoped for or worse create greater worries. But it is with time, patience and understanding that the challenges that face us will eventually shrink to be insignificant.

May I wish you all a Shabbat Shalom, and may you spend it with your families and friends in whatever manner is your custom.



3 thoughts on “He who has a why for life can put with any how

  1. Thanks for the inspiring article. My late father always said: ‘The future belongs to the optimists. While there’s life, there is hope.

    Note that our national anthem HATIKVAH means HOPE.

    Greetings from Sari Brott

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