Shalom TV  with David Broza

I caught this interview on Shalom TV  with David Broza. It’s fascinating listing to his views on how and why the ultimate resolution for peace resides within the two communities engaging in a meaningful and intelligent dialogue. Most of this comes in the later part of the interview after a brief introduction to some of his latest music. Below is some background from his own website. Please listen and enjoy

For thirty years now, Israeli superstar David Broza has been considered one of the most dynamic and vibrant performers in the singer/songwriter world.His charismatic and energetic performances have brought to worldwide audiences, fusions of three different countries in which he was raised: Israel, Spain, and England filling concert halls with his famous guitar playing, ranging from flamenco flavoured rhythmic and percussion techniques, to whirlwind finger picking, to a signature rock and roll sound. Broza unites the three worlds by utilising his ability to take on the troubadour style tradition, featuring lyrics of the worlds’ greatest poets.

More than a singer/songwriter, David Broza is well known for his commitment and dedication to several humanitarian causes, predominantly, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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