Apples and Honey for a sweet New Year

On The First Day of Rosh Hashanah in the Haftarah we read about Chanah’s prayer for children,It teaches that God fulfills even the most improbable of requests. Her life takes on greater dimensions when her son Shmuel is born and she dedicates him to the services of the prophet Eli. From her sorrow to her [...]


Rubashkin down but not out

It would seem that the fate of Shalom Rubashkin is going to take another twist. Convicted of fraud charges by Judge Linda Reade and sentenced to 27 years incarceration, Rubashkin and his supporters were highly critical of the severity of the sentencing and had always claimed from the outset that he was being targeted. Well [...]

This is a religious war

Ashkenazi,Sephardi hostility in Emmanuel. You wouldn’t have known it from the stillness and sleepiness in this haredi settlement in Samaria, but Sunday June 6 was a big day for Emmanuel. In an attempt to get around a High Court order that found their school leaders to be discriminating against Sephardim, two busloads of elementary school [...]


The sounds of Angels

On Rosh Hashana as the Shofar is blown, its haunting tones envelope you and somehow places you at the centre of the ancient temple, amidst the throngs of ancient generations with whom you are seemingly mesmerized as if in a Kabbalistic trance. Somehow you are connected to each and every Jew through space and time. [...]


Letting go

The words of mother ring in my ears today, in yiddish she would say "Zolst feelin main taam" literally translated as "may you feel my taste" Of course what she meant was that i should understand what it felt like when a parents heart is breaking over something their child has done or is about [...]